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SWANK consists of different content to show off to your friends and rivals. The contents are Cribs, Wheels, and Entourages. This content can only be purchased with S-Coins. When selecting SWANK, the SWANK contents can be see on the Main Screen background. Each SWANK content has its own SWANK Benefits and the opponent’s SWANK contents can be seen during the loading screen before a Match.

Crib[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Description
Under the Bridge Daily rental income 50 coin Low income urban housing in the projects.

Best to invest in a lot of locks.

Apartment Daily rental income 70 coin Only the pizza delivery guy uses the front door.
American Middle Class House Daily rental income 100 coin The American Dream fulfilled. 3 Bedroom, 2 car garage. Welcome to Middle America!
Local Diner Daily rental income 120 coin Scrambled Eggs and Bacon. Pancakes with Hashbrown. Only 1 Coffee Refill!
Beachside Villa Daily rental income 150 coin Moving up in the world. Amazing beachside view. Gorgeous weather to go along with the beautiful house.
Mansion Daily rental income 200 coin Top-of-the-line security system. 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, with a 10 car garage.
Billionaire Estate Daily rental income 250 coin Welcome to the top 1 percent. Your estate covers over 150,000 acres. Vault included to protect all of your valuables.


Wheels[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Description
Edge Contender Delivery package reduce by 30min Absolutely unique, amazing, and wild!

The classic American muscle car!

Cruiser Bicycle Delivery package reduce by 30min Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Ultra lightweight frame with the latest tech.

Cord Goldorado Delivery package reduce by 30min Plenty of leg and headroom. V8 engine with 350 horsepower and has the towing capacity of 13,000 pounds.
Landover Provoke Delivery package reduce by 30min Classy SUV that you can roll in comfortably with your entourage.
Haudi SR7 Delivery package reduce by 30min Class meets performance.

Luxury coupe sedan at its finest.

Zenie Fighting Bull Delivery package reduce by 30min Art on wheels. No finer example of automotive engineering.
V8 BSPD Patrol Delivery package reduce by 30min Wanna take it for a joy ride?

This game is not THAT game.

F14 Hellraiser Sports Bike Delivery package reduce by 30min 2,019 Horsepower / 2 Stroke / 1.4K cc Engine : This product cannot be insured.

Entourage[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Description
Angry Manager

(Emma Fischer)

One Bonus per Day Emma is your childhood friend. She always nags you but it’s with the best of intentions.
Boyz from da Hood

(Tyrone Heartfield and Carlos Gonzalez)

One Bonus per Day These people have no fear. If you are with them, you’ll have no fear, too.
Awkward Ducklings

(Ken Hayashi, Purple Roger and Rick Roberto)

One Bonus per Day The coolest and nicest friends you could have.
Breaking News

(Gianna Yi, Melissa Rodriguez)

One Bonus per Day This tirelessly hardworking duo continues to find the biggest boxing scoops. What breaking news will they uncover next?
The Popos

(Cpt. Jacob Daniels, Sgt. Darryl Williamson)

One Bonus per Day Trust keeps the partnership between Jacob, the cynical by-the-book officer, and Darryl, the laid-back compassionate cop.
Las Chicas

(Karrina Aguilar, Ashley Brown and K’Brianey Turner)

One Bonus per Day Twerk it! Let us work it!