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Skills are abilities that improve a player character's boxing in Boxing Star. Players cannot access skills until they defeat Juan in story mode.

Players can equip one stance skill and up to three jab, hook, uppercut, and special skills total, though the third slot requires 500 gold to unlock. This is used as a paywall to help P2W (Pay to Win) players support the game while discouraging those with lesser funding.

Jab skills[edit | edit source]

Body Jab Spokiide Body Jab Short Body Blow Curved Jab Side Turning Jab
Flicker Jab Low Flicker Side Jab Side Flicker
Thorn Fist Screw Jab Turning Jab Chin Breaker Crounching Screw
Mini Hammer Illegal Elbow Body Elbow Strike

Hook skills[edit | edit source]

Rib Crusher Body Blow Fake Body Blow Power Screw Crounching Stab
Tornado Hook Fake Hook Charged Hook Jumping Hook
Swing Straight Punch Slide In Straight Ducking Straight Fake Straight
Spinning Backand Low Swing Low Backhand Backhand Smash

Uppercut skills[edit | edit source]

Deep Uppercut Spinning Uppercut Counter Rolling Body Upper Spinning Body Uppercut Fake Spinning Uppercut
Deep Low Uppercut Fake Uppercut Dragon Uppercut Fake Dragon Uppercut
Side Step Uppercut Fake Step Uppercut Hammer Smash Mocking Uppercut Smash
Ceremonial Uppercut Hammer Lift Weaving Body Uppercut Hurricane Blow

Special skills[edit | edit source]

Rampant Rage Weaving Interruption I Weaving Interruption II
Shock I Shock II
Guard Breaker I Guard Breaker II

Stance skills[edit | edit source]

Counter Master Stance Rookie Counter Master Stance Adept Counter Master Stance Expert Counter Master Stance Master
Stamina Burner Stance Adept Stamina Burner Stance Expert Stamina Burner Stance Master
Stunner Hunter Stance Rookie Stunner Hunter Stance Adept Stunner Hunter Stance Expert Stunner Hunter Stance Master
Lucky Puncher Stance Adept Lucky Puncher Stance Expert Lucky Puncher Stance Master