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Knockout Mode (K.O mode) is a mode where players fight consecutive opponents until the player’s HP is empty.

Knockout Mode button appears on the Main Screen for League 6 players and above.

Players must be in League 6 or higher the previous week for Knockout Mode to be available.

Match Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Getting Knocked Down once will count as a loss.
  • Matches are untimed but after 60 seconds, HP will not be restored when a player is Guarding.
  • After each Knockout Match, a certain amount of HP is restored. Higher the HP Recovery Stat a Character has, the more HP that is restored.
  • After winning a Knockout Match, the remaining HP and Hyper Gauge is carried over to the next Knockout Match.
  • If a Knockout Match ends with the Hyper Gauge at MAX, the Hyper Gauge will be reset to zero in the following Knockout Match

How to Play[edit | edit source]

  • Press the ‘Knockout’ button from the Main Screen to enter Knockout Mode.
  • Select a Character to fight in Knockout Mode! You can play Knockout Mode with up to 3 different Characters per day.
  • Once a Character has been selected, the selection cannot be changed until this Character has been defeated.
  • If the first Character loses, 2 more Characters can continue to fight in Knockout Mode.
  • After winning the Knockout Match, the remaining HP (determined by Down Points) is partially restored and carried over to the next Knockout Match.
  • You can fight up to 20 Knockout Matches in a day. After 20 wins, you are unable to fight in any more Knockout Matches until the following day.
  • After each victory, you will earn Knockout Points and K-Coins! Knockout Points determine your Knockout Rank and K-Coins can be exchanged for items in the Knockout Shop.
  • Knockout Rankings are determined by Total Knockout Points accumulated during the Knockout Season and Rewards are sent accordingly. (Knockout Mode is unavailable on Mondays because the Knockout Season Rankings are determined on this day)

Knockout Mode Reward[edit | edit source]

  • TOP 0.1% - 500 K-Coins, 500 OptionMod Kits, 1000 gold
  • Top 1% - 400 K-Coins, 400 OptionMod Kits, 600 gold
  • Top 5% - 300 K-Coins, 300 OptionMod Kits, 400 gold
  • Top 10% - 200 K-Coins, 200 OptionMod Kits, 200 gold
  • Top 25% - 100 K-Coins, 100 OptionMod Kits, 100 gold
  • Top 50% - 50 K-Coins, 50 OptionMod Kits
  • Top 75% - 30 K-Coins, 30 OptionMod Kits
  • Top 100% - 10 K-Coins, 10 OptionMod Kits

Knockout Shop[edit | edit source]

  • Rare Grade Catalog – 500 K-Coins
  • Superior Grade Catalog – 1000 K-Coins
  • Unique Grade Catalog – 2000 K-Coins
  • Epic Grade Catalog – 5000 K-Coins
  • Upgrade Only Gloves (Legendary) – 1500 K-Coins
  • Upgrade Only Protective Gear (Legendary) – 1500 K-Coins