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F.C. Battle Mode is a mode where Fight Clubs match up against Fight Club members.

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Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Each match is three rounds
  • The Fighter that knocks out the other fighter within three rounds will be the winner
  • A fighter that cannot get up within ten seconds of a knockdown loses
  • If the match goes all three rounds, the user with the highest percentage of HP left will be the winner
  • Fight Club Points are awarded according to the round victory was achieved.
    • Round 1 Victory – 3 Points
    • Round 2 Victory – 2 Points
    • Round 3 Victory – 1 Point
    • Loss – 1 Fight Club Battle Chance lost

F.C. Battle Application[edit | edit source]

  • Participating in F.C. Battles allows users to earn F-Coins.
    • Users can purchase Items from the F.C. Shop by exchanging F-Coins.
    • Only the Fight Club Leader can select Fight Club Members to participate in F.C. Battles.
    • Only the Fight Club Leader can apply for F.C. Battles.
  • To participate in F.C. Battles, users must select a Vehicle and set up 3 Defense Characters.
    1. Open Character – this Character’s Profile Information can be viewed by their Opponent’s Fight Club.
    2. Hidden Characters – only these Character’s Skill Slots can be viewed and none of the rest of their Profile Information is revealed.
  • Once the Defense set up is complete, the Defense settings cannot be changed.
  • Once applying to enter a F.C. Battle, the user’s Fight Club will be matched with other similar level Fight Clubs.
  • After applying to enter a F.C. Battle, the application cannot be canceled for a certain period of time.


Prep Time[edit | edit source]

There are no Matches during Prep Time.

  • During Prep Time, users will be able to see some of their Opponent’s information.
  • Users can view the opposing Fight Club Members’ information and devise a winning strategy.
  • The Match Period will start once the Prep Time Period ends.

Match Period[edit | edit source]

  • During the Match Period, the user’s Fight Club will fight against an opposing Fight Club.
  • Fight Clubs can earn Points by defeating their opposing Fight Club’s Fighters.
  • After fighting against the opposing Hidden Characters, regardless of winning, losing, or ending with a draw, the Hidden Character’s Profile Information will be able to be viewed by the user’s Fight Club Teammates.
  • At the end of the Match Period, the Fight Club with the most Points will be the winner.
  • Fight Clubs will earn Bonus Points whenever all 3 Characters of a single Opponent are Knocked Out.
  • Any Match Results that conclude after the Match Period ends will not count towards the Match Period Score.

F.C. Shop[edit | edit source]

  • F-Coins can be exchanged to purchase Items in the F.C. Shop.
  • Certain Products will become available to purchase once the user’s Fight Club achieves certain Fight Club Sponsor Donation milestones